Alternátor – Ecotechnical Centre Třebíč

The Ecotechnical Centre is the only science centre in Vysočina. You can find it in the premises of the former BOBO factory (formerly part of The Baťa Shoe Company) in Třebíč. 

There are several exhibitions available to visitors. The first one is called "Full Steam Ahead" featuring a rare collection of unique stable engines, a steam engine and a steam traction engine.

The second "Energy and Our World" exhibition introduces various sources of energy that can be used on our planet, and this theme-related attractions.

The third exhibition "Science on a Sphere" is unique on an international scale. NOAA´s Science on a Sphere is used to project data from, for example, NASA. The visitor can see, for example, simulations of natural and cosmic phenomena (earthquakes, weather development, etc.) or the display of flight or sea traffic on the Earth, etc.

The last, fourth exhibition "Shoes and Socks" presents the production of shoes and socks in Třebíč during Baťa time and after nationalization.


Website: www.alternator.cz (only in Czech)