Babylon Lookout Tower

One of the oldest lookout towers in Moravia is situated at the top of Zelený vrch (491 m above sea level) above the village of Kramolín. The stone Empire tower was built in 1831 by Count Jindřich Vilém Haugwitz, the owner of the Náměšť countdom, for the needs of land surveyors.

The lookout tower is 24.5 tall, the view point is at 18 meters and is reached in 112 steps. The lookout tower is in the possession of the village of Kramolín. The tower is stone, empire-style and has a square plan, the upper floors are eight-sided. Inside the tower there are oak spiral stairs, which rise up to 18 meters, where there is a room with windows and a decorated ceiling. The ceiling is decorated with Zodiac motifs. The inscription above the entrance indicates that the tower was built by Henry Count Haugwitz in 1831. Originally, the tower was one wooden floor higher, but it was damaged in the Prussian-Austrian wars in 1866 and the tower was lowered. The Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, the outskirts of Brno, the Pavlovské vrchy, the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant and, in exceptionally good visibility conditions, Vienna and the Alps can be seen from the upper floor. The structure was not used as a lookout tower only, but also as an important point when measuring the so-called Stable Cadastre of Moravia. The measurements itself were in progress between 1824 and 1843. All land data were based on the exact trigonometric surveying of each parcel. A cadastral community was chosen as the basic organizational unit. Each of them had map 1: 2880. These maps depicted the soil culture, as well as the name of the owner and the number of the homestead the plot belonged to. More information here