Basilica of St. Procopius

The impressive structure, which uniquely combines the Romanesque architectural desing and mostly Gothic artistic means, was then the longest church in Moravia, and even today it is classified as a gem of medieval architecture of European significance.

The Třebíč Benedictine monastery, founded by the Moravian appanage princes Oldřich Brněnský and Litold Znojemský, was built between 1101 and 1104. In times of intensive construction activities, which the Třebíč abbey was developing almost throughout all the 13th century, the wooden structures of the monastery were replaced with stone and the complex was also fortified.


Address: TIC Bazilika Zámek 1, 674 01 Třebíč

Phone: +420 568 610 022

E-mail: infobazilika@mkstrebic.cz

Web: www.visittrebic.eu

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