Dalešice Brewery

The brewery in Dalešice was founded probably at the end of the 16th century, its oldest building dates from the 17th century. In 1882 the manor and the brewery in Dalešice were bought by Anton Dreher, who took care of its modernization. After 1925 (when the brewery was expropriated) it served as Cooperative Brewery and Soda-Shop, under socialism it belonged to the Brewery and Malt house Prague, in 1977 its operation was terminated. The brewery was falling into disrepair after the revolution until 1999 when it was bought by the current owners who saved the brewery and restored the production of beer. There is a hotel, restaurant and exhibition on site.

The brewery is famous thanks to the Czech film Postřižiny (Tonsure), which was shot in 1980 in Dalešice by Jiří Menzel. Web: www.pivovar-dalesice.cz