Dolní Vilémovice

Jan Kubiš Birthplace

The birthplace of Jan Kubiš was acquired by the village of Dolni Vilémovice in its property in 2009 in a seriuos disrepair. The intention to renovate the house and create a museum lacked funds. The village announced a public collection, which was very successful - in two years, the amount of two million crowns was collected. The donors were citizens not only of the Czech Republic but also of Slovakia and France. The most important donors were the ČEZ Foundation, the Vysočina Region, the TTS Třebíč, the Hotel of Berchtold Castle and Mr. Alois Denemarek. Firefighters, hunting associations, military historical groups and schools also joined the collection.

Emptying the house, pulling down the old roof and assistance in fitting a new one was provided by the volunteers from local youths, military history groups and active reserve members of Jan Kubiš Company at the Jihlava Regional Military Headquarters, who did 1055 hours of volunteer work. The restoration work was carried out by Vlastimil Hádlík Třebíč. The house was opened to the public in 2013 on the anniversary of the birth of Jan Kubiš. During the first year, the house was visited by a thousand visitors. The furthest visitor came from Tokyo. More information here