Jewish Quarter

Třebíč Jewish Quarter: a place with a unique atmosphere

The Jewish settlement in Třebíč (in Podklášteří) had been proven to exist already in 1338. Today it is the only completely preserved Jewish quarter in Europe and the only Jewish monument of Unesco outside Israel. The Jewish Quarter in Třebíč rightly attracts thousands of visitors every year from around the world. It´s a magical place where old stories are still alive. In the narrow alleys, you can easily hear the old Jewish songs and if you open your mind, you may also encounter an old, self-possessed rabbi with his long-standing wisdom. In Třebíč Jewish Quarter, you can think about all the corners of human history, those dark and joyful ones. The Jewish Quarter of Třebíč will win your affections you with its unforgettable atmosphere. Don´t forget to come here - for example, on the days when the Revived Jewish Quarter Festival or Shamayim Festival of Jewish Culture takes place in its streets. Or just when you are in the mood for a nice stroll - the monuments in Třebíč are worth it! The Jewish Quarter of Třebíč - more detailed information for visitors (sightseeing, admission, opening hours) click here»» Do not miss: The Revived Jewish Quarter - always in July. Period costumes, tours, tastings, music and much more. Shamayim - festival of Jewish Culture in Třebíč. This year it was held at the turn of July and August under the auspices of the Israel Embassy in the Czech Republic. Go and see Seligmann Bauer´s House. Take a look at an authentic Jewish flat and see how they lived, cooked, and slept. Part of the house tour is a kosher butcher´s shop, located in the courtyard annexe. Watch: Current events in the Jewish Quarter on facebook. Třebíč: A city where Jewish and Christian culture peacefully coexisted in Central Europe abounded in thriving Jewish communities for many centuries. They were often the target of official discrimination and had to try hard to make their place in societies that were often hostile to their culture and religion. However, there are many examples of the peaceful coexistence of the Jewish diaspora in the predominantly Catholic Czechia. One of them can be found in the heart of the Highlands region. For whole arcticle with pictures click here»»