Journeys Through Time

Visiting the sights in Třebíč is not boring even for the smallest family members. The Třebíč Castle, in the part of Castle Front, houses an interactive exhibition entitled Journeys Through Time, which is intended precisely for what is forbidden elsewhere in exhibitions.

The exposition is interactive, which means you can try a lot of things. First you will have a look how the masters of medieval construction worked and try a piece of such work. Can you control a medieval crane? You will move to medieval Třebíč, where you will find out how the city was founded, who was sitting in the town hall and what the rights of the town included. The town of Třebíč then can be assembled as a puzzle according to changes over the centuries. You will become a journeyman and familiarize yourselves with traditional crafts.

In addition to the classical tours, there are lecturing programmes for school groups and nursery schools. The exhibition also hosts traditional events such as carnivals and children's day.


Address: Zámek 1, 674 01 Třebíč

Phone number: +420 601 567 581

E-mail: cestycasem@mkstrebic.cz

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