Mařenka Lookout Tower

On the highest point of the Třebíč region, Mařenka hill (711 m above sea level), there is a new lookout tower. By combining the stone cladding with a metal construction of the staircase with wooden elements, a unique 31-meter-high structure was built on the top of which is a sheltered sightseeing pier.

The original lookout tower on Mařenka hill used to give pilgrims the view of the wide surroundigs. According to witnesses, it in good weather it was possible to see up to neighboring Austria. In the 1950´s, however, a strong storm made the tower collapse. Since then, several attempts have been made to restore it. The villages of Rokytnice nad Rokytnou, Markvartice, Předín, Štěměchy, Čáslavice, Římov and Chlístov merged into the Mikroregion of Podhůří Mařenky (Mařenka Foothills). The author of introductory photograph Michal Novotný - web»» More information at www.marenka.cz Link to virtual tour here»»