Ocmanice Lookout Tower

Ocmanice Lookout Tower stands on a hill (428 meters above sea level), which rises south over the village bearing the same name. The lookout tower is a very interesting 15 m tall wooden structure in the shape of an octagonal pyramid with an internal metal staircase. The tower was built above the underground water reservoir of the village of Ocmanice. At a height of 8 m, the viewing platform of the tower provides beautiful views, but only of the nearby surroundings. We can see Ocmanice, Náměšť na Oslavou and nearby ponds.

There are no marked tourist signs to the lookout tower. The road from Ocmanice to the Placký Dvůr settlement runs around the lookout tower and it is quite visible from this road. On the road from Náměšt nad Oslavou, you will head towards the village of Vladislav and about 300 m behind the town there is the turn to the right to the Palacký Dvůr settlement, and from there the lookout tower is easy to be seen. The lookout tower was built above the underground reservoir in the years 2003 till 2004. Opened on June 10, 2004. With its conical shape, the lookout tower reminds for example of a space rocket. OPENING HOURS: The tower is open to the public during the summer period, i.e. from May to September till 20:00 hrs. For more information click here»» Photos: Petr Lemberk