Tourist Information Centres in Třebíč

The centre provides home and foreign visitors with free information from the tourism, culture, sports, transport, business and service sectors of the region. There are a lot of souvenirs, postcards, maps and tourist stamps for sale. Available is also an overview of cultural events in Třebíč and the surrounding area with the possibility of ticket pre-sale. The centre also provides assistance in choosing accommodation and meals.

Tourist information Centre in Hrotovice

The information centre located in the library offers for sale promotional materials of the town of Hrotovice and surrounding villages, small souvenirs and publications, tourist stamps and free Internet provided for public use.

Tourist information Centre in Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou

The main activity of the information centre is free provision of comprehensive information from the tourism sector. We provide information about the town and the region, about transport connections, about accommodation and catering in and around the town and about cultural events, including the possibility of ticket pre-sales.

Tourist information Centre in Jemnice

The information centre in Jemnice offers a wide range of information materials not only from Jemnice, but also from a wide area. In addition, you can buy promotional items, maps, postcards, Jemča tea, Jemnice mead, and lots of other products.

Tourist information Centre in Moravské Budějovice

Services provided by the tourist information centre include the sale of postcards, stamps, promotional and information materials, souvenirs, tourist and cycling maps and ticket sales.

Tourist information Centre in Náměšť nad Oslavou

The information centre provides information on the accessibility of monuments, natural attractions and cultural and sporting activities throughout the region. For sale, there are promotional materials, souvenirs, maps and also pre-sale of tickets for organized events.