Okolo Třebíče

Around Třebíč - Foot trip aroud vantage points

Type of a trip - pedestrian one. Starting point - Třebíč, infocentre of ´Národní dům´. Length: 15 km. Route description: An undemanding half-day hike trip, suitable for families with children and seniors, with starting point and finish point on Karlovo náměstí in Třebíč. Lovers of healthy movement and beautiful views will be surely satisfied with the visit of three attractive and quite different sightseeing places - the water tower on Strážná hora, the lookout tower on Pekelný Hill and the historic town towers. During the out-of-town route, limited possibilities of refreshment.

Start: 1) Třebíč, infocentre in Národní dům (National House) - information about the route, map, 2) 2 km - Strážná hora (former Třebíč water reservoir with a viewing terrace, possibility of guided tour), Libušino valley along Janův mill and Terůvky, 3) 5 km - Pekelný Hill 570 m a.s.l. (a modern architecturally attractive lookout tower with a view of all cardinal points - free entry, nearby Pekelný Hill educational trail), through the crossing below Pekelný hill, to the Cross by the Slavice-Mikulovice road, 4) 3.5 km - Slavice (Church of St. John of Nepomuk from the 18th century), 5) 1.5 km - ´Stezka´ signpost towards Pekelný Hill, 6) 3 km - Třebíč Town Tower (historical monument building - part of the town fortifications from the beginning of the 14th century, climb on the gallery, possibility of a guided tour, the tower adjoins the parish church of St. Martin) Destination: Třebíč, Karlovo náměstí