By train and on foot to the ´wild´ Třebíč - Číchov

Hike No. 3

Číchov, Jalovec, Střelište ruin, Radonín, Černé lesy, vantage point under Malín, Bransouze Bransouze - Třebíč train

The length of the route: 15 km. The route from Číchov to Bransouze can also be connected with a train trip directly from Třebíč. We will get off at the train station in Číchov and head to the left below the railway bridge and up the road towards Jalovec hill. The Jalovec Nature Reserve serves as a ski resort in winter and offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. After that, we will walk through the forest around the ruins of Střelište castle. However, it is only the remains of ditches and earthwork and there is not much to know about its history. From the forest through the fields we will reach the village of Radonín. Above Radonín there is the ´Na Kopaninách´ national monument. The rest of the pasture land belongs to one of the last localities of Gentianella Praecox Bohemica. It is also followed with the blooms of heather, Pyrola Media, Antennaria Dioica and Platanthera Bifolia. Under the trees we usually find blueberries. We continue along a small pond to the Černé lesy (black forests). Here we pass the well of the Holy Trinity and then the Holy Trinity niche chapel. At the crossroads at the rescue point, turn right and walk past the Black Forests holiday centre. Then we will continue through the forest to Bransouze, where we can relax after our trip at the local swimming pool. There is also a playground and tennis courts. From Bransouze train station, we can get back to Třebíč, where our trip ends. You can find train connections at www.idos.cz Refreshments Recreational: Recreation Centre Jalovec - link to the web»»