From Jemnice to Police and to mills on the Želetavka

Cycling trip No. 4

Jemnice, Radotice, Police, Klásův a Rajmundský mill, Dešov, Dobrá Voda, Slavíkovice, Jemnice

Length of the route: 29 km We will start our cycling tour in one of the oldest towns in Moravia, Jemnice. Worth of interest, for example, is a chateau with a large park (21 ha), a Jewish cemetery whose oldest preserved tombstones date back to the end of the 17th century, or the Gothic church of St. Vitus, under which there are underground spaces. From Jemnice we will head towards Radotice along the Želetavka River. On the right side, we will pass Týnický mill and, in the village of Radotice, a local chapel. Then we will arrive in Police, where you will surely enjoy the Police chateau. The chateau originated via the Renaissance reconstruction of the original fortress at the end of the 16th century and was later modified in the Baroque style. The chateau with the tower is also surrounded by the park. Since 2017, the museum of our Air Force pilots has been opened in the chateau. It is the only exposition of this type in the Czech Republic. Next, we will follow the valley of the river Želetavka where there are a number of water mills. First it will be Bahnův mill and then, after a short detour, Kláskův and Mácův mills. On the way to Dešov we will see Rajmundský mill. Then, along an easy track through Malý Dešov around the chapel, we will get to Dešov. There is a village monument reserve here. A set of houses in Dešov represents a typical folk architecture of Southwest Moravia. From Dešov, we will walk around Moltašák pond through the villages of Hornice, Dobrá Voda and Slavíkovice back to Jemnice. In Dobrá Voda there is the Water Chapel, which is a place of pilgrimage for believers from all over the world due to its healing effects.