Through the Vysočina landscape

Hike No. 2

Třebíč, Ptáčovský žleb, Ptáčov, Ptáčov little hill, Trnava, Lubí water reservoir, Nové Dvory, Hrádek, Třebíč

The length of the route: 17 km. We will start our walk through the Vysočina countryside directly in Třebíč, the important centre of the Třebíč region. In Třebíč we should definitely not miss the visit of the UNESCO listed monuments, namely the basilica of St. Prokopius and a unique Jewish Quarter with a cemetery. In Třebíč, however, there are many other tourist attractions, and the surrounding pure countryside invites for walks. Třebíč is a town full of greenery and parks, so from the city centre it is only a short walk to Radostín park and further to Lísčí park, which is where we will go. On the way we will encounter several viewing points and after a short stretch along the road we will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Třebíč landscape in the Ptáčov Gorge. Then we will continue around Lubí water reservoir through the natural monument of Ptáčov Ponds to the village of Ptáčov. Here you can find the statue of St. Wenceslas from 1929 and Chapel of St. Cyril and Methodius. Then the path will take us around the oldest protected area of Třebíč region - Ptáčovský Hill, which was declared a natural monument in 1948, the place which is a habitat of Pulsatilla Grandis. Another natural monument where Pulsatilla Grandis grows, which we will be passing, is called Kobylinec. From here it is only a short way to Trnava, which lies at the confluence of the Březinka and Klapůvka streams. The local church of St. Peter and Paul were built in the second half of the 17th century. From Trnava we will return to Třebíč Nature Park around Lubí reservoir back to Třebíč. In Třebíč, we will pass through tthe quarter of Nové Dvory, and at the end of our trip we will enjoy the view from the Hrádek Park, which offers a view of the city and its Jewish part.